Elon Musk’s X has introduced a new feature known as X Hiring. The purpose of this feature is to enable verified users post job listings on the platform.

Elon hinted about introducing the feature some months ago. The official account of X Hiring posted on the social media platform, stating, “Unlock early access to the XHiring Beta – exclusively for Verified Organizations. Feature your most critical roles and organically reach millions of relevant candidates. Apply for the Beta today.”

Some features of the X Hiring app, as mentioned by Technext include the monthly subscription fee of $1,000 that allows verified organizations to promote job positions on their X (Twitter) profiles. This not only provides a fresh method of reaching out to potential applicants, but it also gives these companies a competitive advantage in the recruitment market.

Another standout feature of the X Hiring Beta is its compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and XML feeds. Reports indicate that the feature allows companies to effortlessly import job data through supported ATS or XML feeds. This seamless integration ensures that the hiring process is streamlined, reducing friction and enhancing efficiency for both employers and candidates alike.

The search process has been one feature that might just be very important especially when searching in a global market. According to a report, the search process is facilitated through customizable criteria such as keywords and location preferences, providing candidates with an enhanced and tailored job-hunting experience.

Moreover, candidates can directly apply for these roles on the X (Twitter) platform and these companies can only add up to five job vacancies to their profiles. Successful applicants will subsequently be contacted by employers through X (Twitter) ‘s communication channels.

X Hiring is still in its beta form and will be made accessible to the public soon.