The Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana (SEC) and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) have launched comprehensive guidelines for equity or investment-based crowdfunding in Ghana.

Arianna Gasparri, who is the Technical Lead at UNCDF, expressed contentment with the partnership, mentioning, “UNCDF is pleased to have collaborated with SEC to help shape the future of investment and new channels to support MSMEs in Ghana. UNCDF aims to work with the government and organizations to create conditions that attract private capital.”

The guidelines developed with input from Lelapa African FinTech Advisory aim to facilitate crowdfunding for MSMEs and startups in Ghana while safeguarding investor interests. The new regulatory framework aims to address obstacles hindering the growth of Ghana’s entrepreneurial sector, covering various entities involved in crowdfunding operations in the country. They emphasize investor protection and encourage crowdfunding for social and environmental impact projects by:

  • Requiring platforms to provide clear information about investment risks and returns.
  • Implementing a rigorous licensing process to vet platforms based on their business model, governance, and financial stability.
  • Fostering collaboration between platforms, banks, MFIs, and investment funds to create a seamless financial ecosystem.

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