The NDC flagbearer announced a plan to create 300,000 digital jobs for Ghana’s youth in collaboration with local tech businesses. The former President stressed youth empowerment and digital transformation’s importance for Ghana’s prosperity during a recent media address.

“The digital revolution is here to stay,” he stated. “It has already transformed our lives in ways that were simply unpredictable just a decade ago and will continue to do so. Globally and here in Ghana, we now see digitized factories and even digital agriculture. This is the fourth industrial revolution. The fifth industrial revolution—the Cognitive Age, which brings human and machine intelligence together for sustainable growth—is on the horizon.

He reaffirmed his dedication to this vision, citing his previous efforts to deploy extensive broadband infrastructure across the country. He called for support for the youth, stressing their role as the future of Ghana.

He emphasized the current era as a crucial moment in history where boldness and creativity are necessary to take advantage of the opportunities in the digital world, especially the digital economy. He announced that the upcoming NDC Government will work with local tech startups and businesses to introduce a ‘Digital Jobs Initiative’ aiming to generate a minimum of 300,000 skilled job opportunities for the youth.

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