Source: Joseph-Albert Kuuire/Tech Nova

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has rolled out an automated system to digitally enforce adherence to road traffic regulations.

The GPS has launched its system, known as Traffictech-GH, to assist the police in enforcing road traffic regulations through the use of cameras and sensors to detect drivers who disregard road traffic laws.

Drivers who flout road traffic laws (eg. running a red light) will be notified via SMS of their traffic offense and given a fine to pay.

Drivers will be given a period of time to make payments for their fines. If the time period elapses, a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

The Director-General of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, COP Francis Ebenezer Doku said that the system will issue automated fines to help deter road law violators.

“Traffictech-Ghana is important to maintain social order within the communities with a view to one protecting high sense of public trust in the police, facilitating law-abiding behaviors, fostering compliance and cooperation at the same time, and increasing the rate of detecting road traffic offenses,” he said.

Source: Joseph-Albert Kuuire/Tech Nova