Source: Joseph-Albert Kuuire/ Tech Nova

Ghana’s Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) with the assistance of the World Bank will procure a new software system for the online registration of businesses to replace its current system.

Head of the ORC, Jemima Oware, made the announcement during the official inauguration of ORC’s office complex at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and stated that the new system would be hosted by the National Information Technology Agency.

“Our cherished clients have not been very happy with us over these past months as a result of these downtimes.  We however plead with them to bear with us as there are better days to come. It is expected that the forthcoming software will have new and improved features which make online registration more user-friendly, seamless and easily accessible – which will be an improvement on the existing one.

All services provided by the ORC will also be made available online to reduce human congestion at the office premises, and enable clients to access all our services from the comfort of their homes,” Ms. Oware reiterated.

The new system is expected to be fully operational in Q1 2024 and a new legislation will be proposed to make the online application for registration of new businesses mandatory.

The current online business registration system was launched in 2017 but has experienced issues including downtime and poor usability issues. The project was part of the World Bank’s eTransform project which costs $212 million.

Source: Joseph-Albert Kuuire/ Tech Nova