The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced its 2024 cohort of Technology Pioneers, featuring four startups from Africa. The group comprises companies from 23 countries, with a focus on those with notable technological advancements in areas such as nuclear fusion, biotechnology, quantum computing, and AI. One-third of the selected companies are led by women CEOs, reflecting a diverse and innovative lineup.

This select group of 100 leading tech startups focuses on leveraging breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) to drive clean energy solutions, healthcare innovation, and advancements in biotech, space, and neurotechnology. Over the next two years, these companies will contribute their cutting-edge insights and expertise to the Forum’s global initiatives, aiming to scale their impact significantly.

The African countries are:

  • Jetstream (Ghana): Utilizes digitization and AI to streamline the process of transporting and financing import and export cargo through Africa’s supply chains.
  • uLesson (Nigeria): Offers a comprehensive library of curriculum-aligned video lessons and quizzes for primary and secondary school students in Africa.
  • BasiGo (Kenya): Provides electric buses as a more affordable and reliable alternative to diesel buses for bus operators in East Africa.
  • Kapu (Kenya): Develops a new retail model for Africa’s mass market.

The 2024 cohort will participate in Forum meetings and discussions throughout the year, engaging with leading stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. The first meeting will be the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2024, scheduled to take place in Dalian, China, from June 25-27.

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