Last week, as part of International Women’s Day celebrations, I addressed a group of enthusiastic university students in Ghana. The focus of my presentation was “The Importance of Women in the Tech Industry, particularly in Product Management,” a topic close to my heart.

Today, I want to revisit and share the insights from that presentation, emphasizing the personal journey and the significant role women play in shaping the tech landscape.

Diversity in Tech:

Reflecting on women’s barriers in the tech industry, I delved into the importance of diversity of thought and perspective. Drawing from my experiences, I emphasized how our unique insights contribute to a more innovative and dynamic tech sector.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap:

The issue of the gender pay gap struck a chord with me. Sharing personal stories and advocating for equal pay became a mission during that presentation. I realized the importance of challenging norms to create a fair and equal work environment for women in tech.

Inspiring Future Generations:

Being a part of International Women’s Day celebrations in Ghana allowed me to connect with the audience on a personal level. I shared my journey and encouraged the future generation of women to pursue tech careers, becoming catalysts for change and breaking stereotypes.

Innovation and Creativity:

Discussing the impact of women in fostering innovation, I shared how diverse teams drive creativity. My presentation highlighted the power of varied perspectives in developing solutions that resonate with a broader audience, underscoring the need for inclusive teams.

Increased Representation:

My talk touched on the importance of increasing women’s representation in tech. I emphasised the significance of creating a work environment that mirrors the diversity of society, ensuring that different voices are heard and considered in shaping the future of technology.

Guiding Aspirants:

Having navigated my way into the tech industry, I offered practical advice to aspiring individuals based on my experiences. From choosing relevant majors to staying updated on industry trends and joining relevant communities for mentorship support, my aim was to provide actionable steps for those looking to make their mark in tech.

Not Just Coding:

Drawing from my own journey, I debunked the misconception that all tech roles require coding. I highlighted alternative paths, such as UX/UI design product management, technical writing, and data-related roles, showcasing the countless opportunities available for women in the tech sector.


As I reminisce about that presentation in Ghana, the impact on the audience and the connections made are etched in my memory. Empowering women in tech is not just a goal; it’s a journey we embark on collectively. The insights shared in that presentation serve as a reminder that each woman’s contribution is invaluable in shaping the ever-evolving world of technology.

Amina Akugri