WhatsApp has announced major improvements to its calling features for mobile and desktop platforms. The upgrades build on the evolution of WhatsApp’s calling capabilities since 2015, with additions such as group calls, video calls, and a new set of features to enhance communication. These updates will be released in the upcoming weeks:

  • Increased Participants: Video calls can now support up to 32 participants simultaneously across all devices, facilitating larger group interactions.
  • Speaker Spotlight: This new feature highlights the active speaker during calls, making it easier for participants to identify who is speaking at any given moment.
  • Screen Sharing with Audio: Users can now share their screens along with audio, perfect for collaborative activities such as watching videos together.

WhatsApp is committed to improving audio and video quality across various network conditions. The recent introduction of the MLow codec has enhanced call reliability. Mobile users will benefit from improved noise and echo cancellation, ensuring clearer conversations even in noisy environments.

Video calls now support higher resolutions for users with faster internet connections, and audio quality has been optimized for smoother communication on older devices or under poor network conditions.

WhatsApp’s continuous efforts reflect its dedication to providing reliable and high-quality communication tools globally, aiming to meet the growing demand for seamless and effective remote communication solutions in an increasingly interconnected world.

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