Source: Diana Mutheu/ Techmoran

In a sweeping rebranding effort spearheaded by Elon Musk, Twitter transformed, emerging as the newly christened platform “X.”

The iconic blue bird logo has already been supplanted by a striking white X set against a black backdrop, signalling a departure from the conventional.

Underpinning this metamorphosis, Twitter’s nomenclature is also undergoing a significant evolution.

Currently the term ‘Tweets’ has been replaced by ‘Posts.’ Furthermore, the ‘Retweets’ feature, which involves sharing another user’s content, is poised to be rebranded as ‘Reposts’.

The bold alteration is in line with Musk’s recent declarations regarding the rebranding endeavour.

Musk earlier revealed his intention to bid farewell to the Twitter brand and gradually eliminate all bird-centric elements and replace the familiar azure avian emblem in.

As more keep unfolding about Twitter, we will be updating you. More to follow.

Source: Diana Mutheu/ Techmoran