Source: Vanessa Waithera/ Techmoran

In an attempt to match Elon Musk’s competitive drive, the contender to his digital empire has unleashed an online offering of its Threads application.

Although this social media platform was previously accessible through web browsers, the experience was restricted to profile viewing alone. Consequently, the simplified web variant now merely offers a QR code to download the mobile app, which seems like a redundant hoop to jump through.

The enhanced Threads web application closely mirrors its mobile counterpart in many aspects. Yet, there are nuanced deviations and some fresh features thrown into the mix. Now, once users are logged in, they’re empowered to create and share threads, explore their feeds, and engage with others’ content threads.

The navigation icons in this fresh web rendition have shifted to the page’s summit.

Additionally, toggling between the “For You” and “Following” feeds involves tapping a button positioned in the bottom-left corner. This user interface departure sets it apart from the mobile app, perhaps indicating some divergence in the company’s design approach. Meta, with its grandiose declarations, insists that the Threads Web app will eventually align its experience with the mobile app. Furthermore, they’re promising a slew of upcoming updates that will infuse additional functionalities into the web edition, a carrot to keep users hooked.

In the recent weeks leading up to this, Threads has been beefing up its existing mobile application with new capabilities. These updates now grant users the power to seamlessly share a thread in Instagram DMs, enhancing cross-platform interaction. Additionally, Meta introduced a mention button that simplifies tagging individuals within a thread. Lastly, they bestowed the gift of editing automatically generated alt-text descriptions for photos and videos, right before sharing.

Interestingly, last week, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced in a post that “ is now live for everyone,” giving this new web iteration an official go-ahead.

Threads, a text-based sharing app crafted by the Instagram team, was launched to attract users migrating from Facebook. After Mark Zuckerberg made several alterations upon acquiring it, the app rose to fame and amassed 100 million users within a short time.

According to Sensor Tower’s data, Meta’s attempt to compete with Musk’s platform was unsuccessful. Threads, the rival app, only had 8 million daily active users by the end of July, which is an 82% decrease from its peak of 44 million registered daily users post-launch. One may wonder about the impact of the Threads Web app and its new features on user engagement. Will it revive interest or be a fleeting attempt? Time will tell.

Source: Vanessa Waithera/ Techmoran