MobileGPT, a South African startup founded by Bertha Khokong, has launched KaraboAI, a chatbot platform using the GPT-4 engine to assist users in creating intelligent chatbots. The startup began as a WhatsApp app and took part in the GrindstoneX program.

KaraboAI marks the evolution of MobileGPT, offering a comprehensive solution for various chatbot services. These include chatbots for quote generation, appointment scheduling, WooCommerce sales, data collection, and data room management. The platform also seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, WhatsApp, and WooCommerce, and provides a WordPress plugin for easy management.

KaraboAI enables users to quickly set up and deploy customized chatbots, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer service, streamline operations, and improve internal communications.

Kgokong explained that after engaging with clients nationwide, MobileGPT identified a common desire among people to develop their own smart AI chatbots for various purposes like internal use and client support. In response, MobileGPT created a platform that allows everyone to create their personalized chatbots, which can also be deployed on WhatsApp.

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