Shoprite has launched an online shopping and bulk delivery service specifically for small businesses and spaza or tuck shops in South Africa. This marks the first eCommerce venture by Shoprite-owned wholesaler Cash & Carry. The new service allows customers to browse and purchase a wide range of goods at competitive prices through an automated online shopping system, with free delivery within a 50km radius.

Spaza shops and smaller retail businesses often face challenges such as high transportation and fuel costs, difficulty in meeting demand within the informal sector, overstocking issues, increased theft risks, and cash flow challenges. To address these issues, Shoprite’s new service offers multiple payment options including credit and debit cards, EFT, store credit, cash upon collection, and Shoprite’s Money Market Account.

Shoprite’s Head of B2B eCommerce, Mark Cotton, discussed the Cash & Carry digital platform’s benefits, such as providing reliable stock access and delivery services, reducing excess inventory storage costs, and improving cash flow for businesses.

The platform simplifies purchasing and fulfillment processes for in-store traders, allowing them to focus on customer service and business growth. In August 2021, Shoprite Group introduced ShopriteX, a digital business hub aimed at enhancing customer experiences by integrating data science, technology, and innovation to expand the company’s value ecosystem and generate new revenue streams.

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