The Republic of the Congo is building a three-storey data centre in Brazzaville’s Bacongo district to house the national data center. The facility will store and process the country’s digital data and improve its digital infrastructure. A 600-kilometer fiber optic cable network will connect major routes to Cameroon and the Central African Republic through the Congo River.

The project is backed by a $72.8 million (€66.97 million) investment, with $57 million (€52.47 million) provided by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and $15.8 million (€14.50 million) funded by the Congolese government. Of the total investment, $14.6 million (€13.8 million) is allocated specifically for the construction and operation of the data centre.

The building will be equipped with server rooms, monitoring and supervision rooms, and conference rooms. It will also house essential energy and air-conditioning equipment. The completion and delivery of the data centre are anticipated by December 2024.

With the new data centre, the country will be able to host all public data domestically, and telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, and other private firms will have the option to host and back up their primary storage sites at the national centre.

This initiative is seen as a significant step towards advancing the Congo’s digital economy and enhancing its digital security by taking control of its data.

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