Source: Business Day

In a groundbreaking milestone, Nigerian fintech startup HerVest has made history as the first African-based startup to be featured in the global Google #WeArePlay campaign.

This roaring campaign celebrates the diverse community of individuals and businesses building innovative apps and games on the Google Play platform.

HerVest’s inclusion in the #WeArePlay campaign is a testament to their dedication to providing accessible and user-friendly financial solutions for women in Africa.

At the core of HerVest’s mission is their innovative app, also called HerVest, which offers a wide range of financial services designed specifically to meet the needs of women.

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These services include savings plans, investment opportunities, and financial literacy resources.

The recognition received through this campaign highlights the company’s commitment to closing the economic gender gap and empowering women to achieve their financial goals.

Solape Akinpelu, Co-founder and CEO of HerVest, expressed her honour at being the first African startup to feature in the WeArePlay campaign.

“We are incredibly honoured to be the first African startup featured in the WeArePlay campaign. This recognition underscores our mission to close the economic gender gap and provide women from different demographics with customized financial products they need to achieve their financial goals,” she said.

She reiterated that this recognition further solidifies their mission to provide women from diverse backgrounds with customized financial products that meet their needs.

HerVest’s selection for the #WeArePlay campaign not only showcases their achievements but also reflects the growing prominence of African startups in the global tech landscape. Their innovative approach to financial inclusion aligns perfectly with Google’s commitment to supporting diverse app developers and promoting inclusive technologies.

Yomi Ogunleye, co-founder of HerVest, highlighted the company’s immense contributions to the global tech ecosystem.

“HerVest is a shining example of the innovation and creativity that African startups bring to the table. We are proud to feature in the global #WeArePlay campaign and showcase our immense contributions to the global tech ecosystem,” she said.

The achievement of HerVest is not only a source of pride for Nigeria and the entire African tech community but also serves as an inspiration for others in the region.

With their determination and success, HerVest is paving the way for more African startups to make a lasting global impact.

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Source: Business Day