Zeepay, a leading mobile financial services company, has received approval from the Bank of Zambia to facilitate both inbound and outbound cross-border payments in the country. This authorization marks a significant milestone for Zeepay, enabling its customers in Zambia to send money instantly and securely from their mobile money wallets across the nation.

Andrew Takyi-Appiah, Managing Director of Zeepay, highlighted the significance of this development as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary. “Receiving approval from the Bank of Zambia for cross-border payments signifies a quantum leap in Africa’s financial landscape. This groundbreaking achievement propels us closer to our vision of a borderless Africa, where financial inclusion knows no bounds. With this approval, we usher in an era of accessible and affordable financial services, empowering individuals and communities across the continent to thrive and prosper.”

Dede Quarshie, General Manager Commercial, emphasized the importance of this achievement in strengthening familial connections across distances. “This groundbreaking achievement not only signifies our commitment to innovation but also reinforces our mission to bring families closer, no matter where they are. With seamless and affordable transactions, we’re empowering individuals to support their loved ones with ease, bridging distances and fostering financial inclusion across Africa.”

This regulatory approval enables Zeepay to provide its customers in Zambia with the ability to perform seamless cross-border transactions from the comfort of their homes. This development is expected to significantly enhance financial inclusion by providing accessible and affordable financial services, which are critical for individuals and communities across Africa to thrive.

Zeepay’s initiative aligns with the broader vision of creating a borderless Africa, where financial inclusion is widespread, and financial services are accessible to all. This milestone not only celebrates Zeepay’s decade of innovation but also sets the stage for future advancements in mobile money solutions and financial technology in Africa.

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