In a region where finding and affording books is a struggle, Basha Damba, a passionate reader, decided to make a change. 

Basha Damba is the Founder of Bookbridge, a social ebook app. Basha sat down with Tech Estate to discuss his mission of redefining the eBook experience in Ghana and worldwide.

Basha Damba, an avid reader, often grappled with the challenges of accessing books and eBooks, particularly in Ghana where eBooks came with a hefty price tag.

“I think currently, anyone who reads gets the books illegally through Pirating. It’s become such a norm and it’s mainly because books are expensive. It’s outrageous to pay certain amounts of money for the books. ”

As a skilled UI/UX designer, Basha Damba constantly searched for creative design solutions to address practical issues. While casually using the Goodreads platform in 2020, an idea started forming in Bamba’s mind. What began as a basic design project evolved into something more substantial over time – a tangible product named Bookbridge.

The Vision

The core vision behind Bookbridge is clear and ambitious: to provide affordable access to a vast library of books and foster vibrant reading communities, especially in Africa. Basha Damba envisioned a platform that not only made books accessible but also transformed the reading experience into a social, engaging activity.

The Solution: Bookbridge

Bookbridge emerged as a monthly subscription service, offering users access to an extensive library of books for a minimal fee. But it wasn’t just about reading; it was about connecting. The platform includes features such as a review system, list creation, book sharing, adding friends, and forming book clubs. Bookbridge aims to be the Netflix or Spotify for books, creating a social eBook reading app that redefined the reading experience.

Innovation and Community

To ensure the availability of a diverse range of books, Basha Damba and the Bookbridge team are developing a new deal structure for publishers. This innovative approach aims at purchasing book rights in a way that benefits both the publishers and the readers. The team is actively raising funds to secure these rights and bring a world of literature to their users.

Building a community is at the heart of Bookbridge’s strategy. Basha Damba and the team are focusing on university book clubs, laying the groundwork for traction before the app’s official launch. This grassroots approach aims to cultivate a strong, engaged user base ready to dive into the Bookbridge experience.

Affordable and Accessible

Bookbridge’s subscription plans are designed with affordability in mind. Starting with a basic monthly fee, the platform offers tiered pricing to cater to various user preferences. In comparison to Amazon Kindle, Bookbridge provides similar monthly subscription services but at a more affordable rate, coupled with additional interactive features like book clubs and friend interactions. While Goodreads serves as a social platform for readers, Bookbridge set out to offer a more immersive and engaging reading journey.

Challenges and Future Prospects

As with any groundbreaking venture, Bookbridge has faced its share of challenges. Effective communication with publishers is a critical hurdle that needs to be overcome for the platform’s success. However, Basha Damba has remained undeterred, focusing on building robust relationships and exploring new avenues for collaboration.

The team at Bookbridge also recognized the potential of AI integration for enhancing the user experience. By considering the use of AI for personalized book recommendations, they aimed to further enrich the reading journey for their users.

The Mission

Ultimately, Basha Damba’s mission was bold and transformative: to transform the book industry by making books more accessible to all. With the completion of the app and the community-building efforts underway, Bookbridge is on the brink of its official launch. The goal is to amass a significant number of interested users within the next two to three months, ready to embark on a new chapter in the world of reading.

Bookbridge is not just a platform; it is a movement. A movement led by a passionate founder determined to break down barriers and bring the joy of reading to everyone, everywhere. As Basha Damba prepares for the exciting journey ahead, the dream of making books accessible and building a connected, engaged community of readers is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

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