Source: Simon W Nderitu/Tech Trends

SkyCliQ, a startup hoping to democratize the small parcel delivery segment has launched its waitlist for community-based shopping and delivery.

This is a response to the expensive charges levied on sending and receiving parcels in Africa from the USA or Europe. SkyCliq hopes to grab the opportunity by providing more affordable alternatives that also include providing global marketplaces.

“You can now reach any shop in the United Kingdom or the United States with delivery prices to your city starting at £9.99 from the UK and at least 70% cheaper than regular courier costs from the USA,” the company states on its website.

This could provide a huge opportunity in a market that is heavily dependent on imports. With SkyCliQ, delivery prices will be up to 70% cheaper than conventional courier prices, and notably, users who order through the platform will only make payment when their orders are delivered to their destination cities.

Amanda Evans, who is responsible for Community Engagement, told online publication, Disrupt Africa, “It should not be frustrating if as a parent you need a book or an educational device for your child and it cannot be found locally, nor should it be prohibitively expensive to procure a specific health aid to improve your wellbeing. And if an accessory will make a difference to your well-being then you should be able to reach it”.

Listing items on the platform is free of charge and customers are able to reach an ever-growing list of shops and stores. Payments on the marketplace are powered by Stripe and SkyCliQ works with customs agents at each of its destination cities to ensure compliance and disclosure.

Source: Simon W Nderitu/Tech Trends