Source: Milcah Lukhanyu /Techmoran

CashToken Rewards Africa Limited , the Nigerian RewardTech company that has revolutionized reward, is looking to spread its unique, socially smart business model to other parts of Africa for the purpose of helping businesses to succeed in order to lift millions on the continent out of poverty.

The company is buoyed into going international by the fact that in the relatively short period of its existence, the pilot phase of its Universal Gamification of Sales and Consumer Rewards Program (UGSCRP) has provided consumers of goods and services with potentially life changing cash rewards for purchases made across multiple businesses.

The program has boosted businesses for organizations; enhanced the individual economy of consumers and aided the economic growth of countries where it is currently in operation, thus proving to have the capacity to bring about wealth redistribution for poverty alleviation on the continent.

Lai Labode, Chief Executive Officer of CashToken Rewards Africa Limited, says arrangements have reached advanced stages for the company to be listed on the Nigerian Exchange Limited and the New York Stock Exchange. This would inspire confidence and trust not just in consumers, but also in investors.

In just five years, CashToken Rewards Africa has, through the UGSCRP, rewarded about one million Nigerians with CashTokens worth about $10 million. It has also partnered over 2,000 Nigerian businesses during the period. A new partnership it has just entered into with the Nigerian government to establish a national reward program would enable Nigerians all over the country to receive cash rewards in all purchases they make – be it goods or services.

The company’s international drive is going to be made possible by a $100 million commitment from the Global Emerging Market, which would see it covering sub-Saharan Africa. The success of the program in Ghana, Cote D’ivoire, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, in addition to having merchants across Africa to provide CashToken reward for consumers, is an indication of the impact it would make on the continent.

In addition to improving the fortunes of manufacturers and service providers and creating wealth for consumers, the company is about to position itself as a veritable investment option for potential investors.

Source: Milcah Lukhanyu /Techmoran