Source: Techloy

Netflix, the global streaming giant, has announced its plans to expand its operations in Africa following the success of its local content production ventures in the region.

The company has invested €160 million in film content production in Africa since 2016, creating over 12,000 jobs in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Netflix’s move to expand comes after the success of its South African series “Blood and Water,” which achieved significant international acclaim in 2020, ranking first in the United States. South Africa is currently Netflix’s top African contributor, with over 170 films, series, and documentaries available on the site.

The expansion is expected to help Netflix establish itself as a dominant player in the African market, with the increasing demand for local content and rising competition from other streaming platforms.

The move also represents a significant investment in the continent’s creative economy, providing an opportunity to showcase African stories to a global audience.

Source: Techloy