Source: Techloy

Microsoft is rolling out its ChatGPT-powered Bing to the public, according to the company in a blog post.

The company’s AI-powered search engine, which was initially available on Limited Preview with a waiting list, has now been moved to Open Preview for everyone.

Additionally, the software giant has upgraded Bing Chat with more smart features, transitioning the service from text-only search and chat to a more visual experience with image- and video-centric answers and soon-to-be-released multimodal support. Users will also be able to return to previous chats and access and share their chat history.

It also added plug-in support so developers and third parties can build on top of Bing to help people take action on their queries and complete tasks.

According to Microsoft, Bing has grown to exceed 100 million daily active users and daily installs of the Bing mobile app have increased 4X since its launch three months ago. It also claims that its users have engaged in over half a billion chats, using chat features to get summarized answers.

This new update which comes just three months after the software giant first unveiled the new ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Bing for a limited preview positions Bing as an even stronger contender to Google in the search engine market.

Source: Techloy