Source: Jace Dela Cruz/ Techtimes

Meta announced today an extension of its Meta Verified program to businesses after it was initially introduced for creators in March. This expansion encompassing businesses is currently undergoing trials on Facebook and Instagram, with a subsequent rollout planned for WhatsApp.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed the impending extension of Meta Verified to businesses at the Annual Conversations conference in Mumbai. The initiative will begin testing for businesses on Instagram and Facebook in specific regions and eventually extend to WhatsApp.

Meta Verified Program
Meta Verified aims to facilitate businesses in enhancing their visibility on the platforms and establishing trust with their clientele. That entails indicating to customers that they are engaging with the correct business entity.

Companies can opt for a single-app or bundled subscription covering Instagram, Facebook, and, later, WhatsApp. Subscribing businesses will gain access to a range of tools tailored for their subscribed account, which includes:

  1. A verified badge authenticating the legitimacy of the business.
  2. Proactive measures to monitor and prevent impersonation for heightened brand security.
  3. Access to customer support and assistance in resolving account-related issues.

Furthermore, subscribing businesses will receive heightened exposure, such as being a Meta Verified business on Instagram and Facebook. That includes prominent placement in search results and recommendations as a verified business to follow in users’ feeds.

WhatsApp business subscribers will enjoy added premium features, including the ability to create a customized, discoverable WhatsApp page and multi-device support for efficient customer engagement.

Meta Verified Starts at $21.99 Per Month
The Meta Verified business subscription complements the existing array of tools available to businesses on the platforms. The initial focus lies on subscription features that aid small businesses in establishing their brand presence and attracting new clientele.

As the company gathers insights from initial testing, it intends to refine its offerings to provide enhanced value for businesses of all scales.

The Meta Verified business subscriptions will be available for purchase in select test countries on Instagram and Facebook in the coming weeks. Monthly subscriptions will begin at $21.99 monthly for a Facebook page or Instagram account and $34.99 monthly for both.

For WhatsApp, testing will commence with small businesses utilizing the WhatsApp Business app before extending Meta Verified to businesses on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

To ensure brand protection and user confidence, Meta has implemented a rigorous verification process for businesses opting for Meta Verified. That includes eligibility criteria, verification of business information, and monitoring for potential impersonation.

Overall, Meta’s extension of the Meta Verified program to businesses represents a strategic move aimed at bolstering brand legitimacy and trust within the platform’s ecosystem.

Source: Jace Dela Cruz/ Techtimes