Kua Ventures, a Nairobi-based impact investor driven by faith-based principles, has joined forces with Startup Savanna, aiming to bolster the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region, providing them with vital support and resources.

Through this partnership, 10 aspiring entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to pitch for funding of up to KES 15 million for their businesses. Central to Kua Ventures’ approach in supporting SMEs is the 3C model, which encompasses capital, coaching, and community.

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The capital aspect offers secured and revenue-based loans ranging from KES 5 million to KES 15 million, facilitating business growth and expansion. Meanwhile, the coaching component pairs entrepreneurs with both local and international mentors to enhance their leadership skills and refine their business strategies. Additionally, the community aspect fosters connections among like-minded entrepreneurs within Kua Ventures’ portfolio, enabling them to exchange ideas and build their capacity collectively.

In parallel, Startup Savanna, a key component of the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP) supported by the World Bank Group, serves as a conduit for Kenyan startups to access international expertise, investment opportunities, and supportive infrastructure. By collaborating with global experts and local entrepreneurial support organizations, Startup Savanna aims to propel the growth and sustainability of businesses, thereby contributing to job creation and economic development.

The pitch event served as a platform for SMEs to showcase their innovative solutions, network, and seek funding to scale their businesses and amplify their impact. This collaboration between Kua Ventures and Startup Savanna represents a pivotal private sector initiative aimed at bridging the gap between local entrepreneurship and access to finance, ultimately unlocking the growth potential of SMEs in the East African region.

Among the 10 ventures that pitched were entrepreneurs representing various sectors such as green energy, education, agribusiness, hospitality, events management, and laundry services, including Pauline Wanjiku from TLC Laundry, Victor Maina from Duhqa, Jackie Kamau from The Laundry Lady Ltd, Meshack Mutisya from Irish Events & Catering LTD, Martin Muigah from Event Automation Solutions, Edward Kinyanjui from Plexus Energy Ltd, Peter Muraya from Victoria Kids Care Ltd, David Wanjau from Deevabits Green Energy Ltd, and Chris Silali from GenePlus Global Limited.

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