Source: James Musoba/ Techmoran

indaHash, the influencer marketing platform owned by the ArabyAds Group, has launched into the Kenyan market, following its impactful footprint in South Africa since 2017 and successful collaborations with clients like the South African Tourism Board.

According to Barbara Soltysinska, CEO of indaHash: “Our experiences in South Africa and with other African clients have shown us the vibrant potential of the African market. Kenya, with its dynamic digital landscape, is an ideal next step for indaHash. We’re excited to offer our unique blend of technology and creativity to the Kenyan brands.”

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Launched in 2016 and headquartered in Dubai, indaHash has been working with Carrefour, Mastercard and Kenya Airways in Kenya and has revolutionised influencer marketing across 115 markets, conducting successful campaigns for over 600 brands with its network of over 1 million influencers. In Kenya, indaHash will compete directly with Wowzi.

indaHash’s Managed Service simplifies influencer marketing, offering includes tailored campaign planning and strategy, influencer recruitment, simplified selection process, content moderation via the indaHash dashboard​​ and detailed reporting.

IndaHash’s SaaS Solutions for clients conducting influencer marketing campaigns in-house include an an all-in-one tool for cross-channel influencer marketing campaigns, a creator discovery feature for clients to discover and analyse creators from over 5 million social media profiles and data analysis with standard and customizable templates for unique audience insights and brand safety​​ and dedicated templates for project management and reporting.

indaHash operates with flexible pricing models and collaborates with a diverse range of creators, including mid-tier, top-tier, micro-influencers and nano-influencers to cater to varied campaign needs and budgets.

With its expansion into Kenya, indaHash is set to empower local brands with its sophisticated Managed Service and SaaS solutions, driving innovative and impactful influencer marketing strategies. For influencers and Creators, indaHash will offer best-in-class creative strategies, exposure to global markets, robust reporting templates and best-in-class engagement practices.

In October 2022, ArabyAds, the AdTech company in the MENA acquired indaHash on the heels of ArabyAds’ recent $30 Million Pre Series B funding round led by AfricInvest, which the company had said would be spent on global expansions and acquisitions. With the acquisition, ArabyAds was looking at expanding its global foothold and growth. Starting in Poland in a few years it grew up to have a profitable global business with teams based in London, Jakarta, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Dubai.

Barbara Soltysinska, CEO and Co-Founder of indaHash said the acquisition of indaHash by ArabyAds would bring a lot of value and help the firm achieve its global vision.

“We have come together at a very opportune time. AdTech has never seen better days and bringing industry experience, expertise, and seasoned leadership together with geographical diversity and a superior platform for influencer marketing in the digital world at a time like this is an ingenious feat destined to bring unprecedented success! Our vision is aligned, and working together as a team will lead to significant value creation through sustainable innovation,” said Soltysinska.

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Source: James Musoba/ Techmoran