Rightfulshare, an income equality advocacy movement, recently said it has launched what it describes as the “first unconditional” crypto universal basic income (UBI) transfer. According to Karen Jooste, the crypto UBI not only expands the possibilities for unemployed South Africans but also nurtures their entrepreneurial spirit.

Fairer Income Access

Rightfulshare, a movement advocating for equality, recently said it had sent its “first unconditional” crypto UBI transfer to a local entrepreneur residing in South Africa. According to the movement’s Jan. 31 press release, selected beneficiaries will receive the crypto UBI “in Gooddollar to use as they choose.”

Also, in the statement, Rightfulshare touted the launch as a pioneering step that channels “both resources and Web3 solutions to a small town in the country.”

Commenting on the launch, which has been described as “a pioneering step for fairer income access,” founder of Rightfulshare Karen Jooste claimed that the launch not only expands the possibilities for unemployed South Africans, but also nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit.

“We need a new approach to addressing poverty in South Africa. The current system is not working and we can no longer pretend that there will be enough jobs for everyone. By bringing visibility to the benefits of a digital basic income transfer, we’re expanding the possibilities for South Africans and nourishing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit present in the country,” Jooste said.

Meanwhile, in addition to receiving the crypto UBI every month for one year, Rightfulshare said beneficiaries “will also have access to mentoring and learning opportunities.” Such opportunities will range from business development to Web3 education, the statement added.

According to the press release, Rightfulshare crypto UBI is currently being replicated in the metaverse to help those from outside South Africa gain a better understanding of the project.

Source: bitcoin.com

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