Food delivery startup Glovo has announced a partnership with Nigerian EV manufacturer Siltech to incorporate electric vehicles (EVs) into its delivery fleet in select areas of Lagos. This collaboration aims to reduce Glovo’s fuel and maintenance costs associated with internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles.

Although Glovo has yet to implement the EV service ecosystem, Siltech views this partnership as a significant proof of concept. The escalating cost of petrol has prompted many businesses and individuals in Nigeria to explore EVs as a viable alternative to petrol-powered vehicles.

Glovo’s partnership with Siltech signifies its commitment to leveraging EVs for deliveries in Lagos, specifically in Ikate, Lekki, and Victoria Island—areas where Siltech has established charging and battery swap stations. Siltech’s CEO, Tolu Williams, confirmed the collaboration, noting that Glovo has committed to using Siltech’s products and services, including charging stations, after-sales services, technical support, and access to battery swaps.

Siltech’s battery swap stations significantly reduce charging time, allowing for a fully charged battery to replace a drained one in minutes. The Siltech Ginsu bikes that Glovo riders will use come equipped with this feature, facilitating swift battery swaps and enhancing delivery efficiency.

While Glovo will still pay for Siltech’s services, the partnership agreement includes a discounted rate, making EV usage more cost-effective than relying on petrol. Deliveries using EV bikes are slated to begin in a few months, according to a Glovo spokesperson. Williams anticipates substantial cost savings for Glovo once the EV services are fully operational, as Siltech will provide a comprehensive suite of services to the delivery company.

Siltech has recently expanded from solely manufacturing EVs to offering a complete EV ecosystem, including charging and other related services. This ecosystem is already being utilized by Tesla owners and other EV users in Nigeria.

The partnership between Glovo and Siltech reflects a growing trend in Nigeria, where businesses are increasingly considering EVs due to the high cost of petrol. This move is expected to not only provide financial benefits but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment in Lagos.

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