Source: Tom Jackson/Disrupt Africa

Ghana-based startup Remoteli is providing young Africans with access to technology skills and job opportunities that were previously unavailable.  

Launched in 2020, Remoteli is a technology-driven platform that specialises in connecting talented professionals from Africa with innovative companies seeking to build diverse and highly skilled remote workforces.

“We leverage the power of advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to create the perfect match between job seekers on the continent and employers, ultimately fostering collaboration and productivity,” said CEO Samuel Brooksworth.

“Our primary focus is to break down geographical barriers, enabling organisations to access top talent from anywhere in the world, while also providing opportunities for individuals to work within exciting companies, irrespective of their location. By doing so, we aim to create a talent pool across Africa that empowers businesses to thrive in today’s digital age and promote a more inclusive and connected future of work.”

In addition to its core matchmaking service, Remoteli is developing a suite of tools and resources designed to streamline the remote work experience. These include project management tools, seamless communication channels, time tracking and invoicing solutions, and an array of customisable features that can be tailored to the specific needs of each organisation.

Remoteli came about based on Brooksworth’s experiences as an account director based in the United Kingdom (UK). 

“I frequently interacted with senior executives and decision-makers from various organisations. Witnessing first-hand the challenges they faced in growing their businesses during the pandemic, I realised there was an opportunity to address this issue,” he said.

“At the same time, as a Ghanaian, I visited Ghana annually for Christmas holidays with my wife. During these visits, we encountered numerous highly skilled and talented young graduates who were struggling to find employment. Observing these two distinct yet interconnected problems, I was inspired to create a solution that could address both.”

Brooksworth relocated to Ghana, secured office space, and began connecting young graduates with organisations in the UK. 

“Our competitors in this space include platforms such as Upwork and Toptal, which are well-established and have a large user base. However, we differentiate ourselves by focusing on key aspects that set us apart. For example, we prioritise matching talent based on personality and organisational culture. We also offer access to the most diverse talent pool in Africa,” he said. 

“Additionally, as we’re developing our platform, it will continue to offer comprehensive support and resources for staff, including professional development and networking opportunities. Our competitors have laid the groundwork, but at Remoteli, we strive to take remote work to new heights by enhancing the overall experience for both businesses and professionals on the continent of Africa.”

The startup has bootstrapped its way to successful partnerships with more than 100 businesses in more than 10 countries, and now has a team of over 100.

“We have achieved remarkable growth through bootstrapping, a testament to our resilience and commitment to building a sustainable business. To date, we have not received any external funding. However, we are currently engaged in discussions with a few venture capital firms for our seed round. Our priority is to partner with a VC whose mission and values align with ours, ensuring a strong foundation for future collaboration,” said Brooksworth.

Any investment will be used to propel Remoteli into more markets, with the company having just registered in Rwanda.

“Our expansion plans are ambitious, as we aim to broaden our footprint across the African continent over the next few years. We have identified several promising markets, such as Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. We believe that these markets offer a wealth of untapped talent and opportunities that align with Remoteli’s mission to connect businesses with highly skilled professionals,” said Brooksworth.  

“We are proud of the progress we’ve made so far and are committed to continuous improvement and expansion. Our goal is to not only make Remoteli the go-to platform for building remote working teams in Africa but also to contribute to the development and growth of the continent’s digital economy.”

Source: Tom Jackson/Disrupt Africa