Source: Tom Jackson/ Disrupt Africa

Ghana’s Oyster Agribusiness, an agricultural enterprise that employs significant levels of tech and works closely with smallholder farmers, has raised US$310,000 in grant and debt funding to propel its mission of sustainable agriculture, gender inclusion, and talent management.

Founded in 2018, Oyster Agribusiness is dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers through the provision of sustainable inputs, improved agronomic practices, and a reliable market for their produce. It does this using tech to power its input distributions and yield, as well as utilising seeders for planting and drones for spraying.

The company, which already works with 3,000 smallholder farmers, has recently secured a total of US$310,000 in debt and grant funding, which it will use to expand its operations.

Oyster’s debt capital comes from Root Capital, a non-profit lender committed to fostering resilience and prosperity in rural communities, while the startup has also received two grants totalling a further US$10,000.

“We are deeply grateful to Root Capital, our partners, and the grant providers for recognising the value of our work and the potential of smallholder farmers,” said Edmond Kombat, founder and CEO of Oyster Agribusiness. “This funding will enable us to expand our reach, strengthen our gender inclusion initiatives, and invest in our exceptional team, driving us closer to our vision of a thriving, sustainable agricultural sector.”

Source: Tom Jackson/ Disrupt Africa