Source: Tom Jackson/Disrupt Africa

Egyptian online tutoring startup Orcas has been acquired by Baims, a leading Kuwaiti ed-tech company, in a strategic move to help the latter capture the flourishing US$100 billion education market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Founded by Hossam Taher and Amira El Gharib, Orcas is a one-on-one personalised tutoring platform designed to enhance the learning experience for students. The startup raised pre-Series A funding last year, and has expanded to markets like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

It has now been acquired by the Kuwait-based Baims, a leading ed-tech company with a focus on university and high school education. The 100 per cent acquisition of Orcas establishes the new organisation as the go-to provider of a holistic and adaptive ed-tech platform, catering to both K12 and university learning.

Baims has also raised over US$11 million, backed by prominent investors including Access Bridge Ventures, Algebra Ventures, NFX Ventures, AlWazzan Educational Group, Rasameel Investment Company, Seedstars International Ventures, and AK Holding, to help establish the new consolidated company as the number one ed-tech player in the MENA region.

“By acquiring Orcas Tutoring, we are not just expanding our reach; we are redefining the ed-tech landscape in MENA,” said Yousef AlHusaini, CEO of Baims. “This consolidation enables us to offer a comprehensive learning experience, combining our online tailored recorded courses with Orcas Tutoring’s personalised one-to-one tutoring platform.”

“Our aim is to establish product and market synergies by introducing personalised K12 tutoring services in the GCC and subsequently expanding our portfolio to cater to the diverse needs of university students,” said Hossam Taher, CEO of Orcas.

Source: Tom Jackson/Disrupt Africa