Bolt, a leading ride-hailing service, has partnered with the Kenya Red Cross to support flood victims across Kenya through a new app feature, the “Flood Assist” category.

With an initial donation of Sh5 million, Bolt aims to raise a total of Sh10 million through this initiative. Five percent of the revenue from rides booked under the “Flood Assist” category will be directed towards aiding victims of the recent floods, which have caused significant loss of life, displacement, and damage to property and infrastructure.

The death toll from Kenya’s floods has reached at least 228, with 72 people reported missing and 164 injured. Over 223,000 individuals have been affected, according to the Government of Kenya. Authorities are actively enforcing evacuation orders, with 163,210 residents already evacuated from riparian areas in Nairobi County as the government arranges alternative accommodations.

Bolt’s collaboration with the Kenya Red Cross ensures that the funds raised will be used to provide relief food, relocation support, and the reconstruction of water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities in affected areas. The Kenya Red Cross, leading the government-supported response to the flooding crisis, is well-equipped to ensure that resources reach those in need.

Bolt encourages Kenyans to participate in this initiative by using the “Flood Assist” category for their rides to help reach the Sh10 million target. Every ride taken under this category will make a significant contribution to improving the lives of those impacted by the floods.

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