Source:  Ibukun Ogunkolade /Tech Kudi

B2B Boosted assists sales leaders within burgeoning startups in emerging markets to establish B2B sales opportunities on a large scale, guiding them in the discovery, cultivation, and successful closure of leads for their clientele.

In spite of enduring a prolonged period of technological stagnation characterized by diminished funding, layoffs, and the closure of numerous companies, it remains somewhat surprising to witness the struggles of many companies that have successfully identified a product-market fit and secured funding when it comes to scaling.

A significant hurdle preventing numerous firms from achieving unicorn status in Africa is an impractical go-to-market strategy that heavily relies on a manual sales process rather than efficient processes. Some of these marketing approaches range from excessive email spamming to the archaic Yellowbook as a means of identifying potential customers.

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It has become evident that many African startups maintain a rudimentary sales process that hampers their growth potential. Interestingly, these startups are often touted as “tech companies” but opt for Google Sheets and notepads to store customer information instead of utilizing free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

Fortunately, there are companies owned by Africans that are dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in the African context. One such company is B2B Boosted, which aids sales leaders in emerging market startups to establish B2B sales opportunities at scale, streamlining the process of finding, nurturing, and closing leads for their clients.

Edidiong Ekong, the Head of Growth at B2B Boosted, sheds light on the issue and the necessity for a platform like this, derived from his firsthand experience at several Nigerian-owned companies, where he was responsible for the B2B go-to-market strategy across West Africa, East Africa, and beyond.

“I discovered this problem through firsthand pain and frustration. As we got bigger, it became incredibly hard to scale B2B revenue, and I started seeing different talent gaps on the team, not just in Nigeria but across our portfolio in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Rwanda,” said Edidiong Ekong, Head of Growth at B2B Boosted.

B2B Boosted’s core mission is to facilitate the scaling of B2B sales for African startups. Initially, B2B assesses the existing sales processes and optimizes them to ensure automated lead generation and the creation of sales opportunities.

“It became obvious to me that we need to build something that helps startups to scale their B2B sales, but we have to do it in a way that is more lean, automated, and cost-effective,” explains Tim Yakubson, the Director of Client Services at the company.

B2B Boosted then assists in generating, pitching, nurturing, and closing B2B leads for your business, effectively acting as an extension of your sales team. The platform leverages open-source software for lead generation and CRM, integrating other APIs like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot.

According to the company’s website, they help generate and close deals by restructuring the sales process into four primary components, known as LAPS: leads, appointments, proposals, and sales.

“We then added a healthy balance of automation, in tandem with the expertise of hiring enterprise-level sales folks, who would, on a freelance basis, sell on behalf of these smaller B2B startups. This is a win-win for both, with salespeople making extra commission and startups benefiting from their expertise,” says Tim Yakubson.

“In a nutshell, B2B Boosted funnels potential clients into your sales pipeline, demonstrating precisely how to approach them, enabling you to generate quality leads and convert them into clients. This means your sales team can rely on B2B Boosted to work its magic by arranging meetings, while also nurturing and closing leads for you,” explains the company.

“We also help build scalable sales processes and workflows along the way, training your sales team to enhance their sales capabilities,” adds B2B Boosted.

Free B2B Sales Resources

While over 70% of the companies partnering with B2B tend to be backed by major players like Google, YCombinator, Techstars, or prominent VC funds, B2B Boosted generously offers biweekly webinars and free sales resources for startup enthusiasts seeking innovative ways to boost B2B sales.

If you are a startup leader aiming to refine your sales team’s B2B sales skills, B2B Boosted hosts biweekly webinars focusing on scaling B2B sales, which you can register for via this link. Additionally, you can download the B2B Growth Playbook, tested on YCombinator startups that have achieved sales growth of up to $5 million annually.

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Source:  Ibukun Ogunkolade /Tech Kudi