Amazon, the global eCommerce giant, has officially debuted its online marketplace in South Africa, offering customers access to a diverse array of local and international brands spanning 20 product categories. The platform’s launch comes with enticing offers such as free delivery on first orders of Amazon-fulfilled products and complimentary shipping for subsequent purchases exceeding R500 (approximately $27).

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Customers can conveniently access the marketplace via the Amazon Shopping Pass app or by visiting the newly launched website,, using their desktop or mobile devices. Furthermore, Amazon pledges swift delivery options, including same-day or next-day services, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

The journey to Amazon’s South African marketplace began with the company’s announcement in June 2022 to expand its operations to several African, European, and South American countries, including South Africa. Despite initial delays, attributed to logistical and operational considerations, Amazon persisted in its commitment to the project, culminating in the marketplace’s much-anticipated launch in 2024.

The platform’s introduction coincides with Amazon’s initiative to onboard independent sellers, including small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with a lucrative avenue to reach a broader customer base. Notable international brands like Apple and Sony have already made their debut on, alongside local favorites such as Masodi, Tiger Lily, Amanda-Jayne, and King Kong Leather, offering a diverse selection of products ranging from kitchen appliances to consumer electronics.

In a strategic move to bolster customer engagement and support local artisans, Amazon has partnered with goGOGOgo, a South African brand, to package eligible products in artisanal gift bags. This collaboration underscores Amazon’s commitment to fostering partnerships with local businesses and contributing to economic growth and job creation in South Africa.

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, South Africa’s Minister of Small Business Development, commended the launch, recognizing its potential to generate employment opportunities and address socio-economic challenges. She emphasized the government’s dedication to leveraging initiatives like Amazon’s marketplace to alleviate poverty and inequality, underscoring the significance of public-private partnerships in driving inclusive economic development.

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