Source: Leslie Gakuru/ Techweez

Within the last decade, there has been a global technological shift to the rapidly growing AI market. Large companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, Apple, Google and Intel that have already ventured into AI development are achieving remarkable results.

Moreover, passing of the world’s first artificial intelligence regulation by the European parliament is a significant step forward in assuring the incorporation of AI in our day to day lives.

Despite having great potential, Africa has been facing numerous challenges in the adoption of AI technology. To tackle this, African AI Foundation and American Spaces have collaborated to offer annual AI training to one thousand people in Africa.

This will significantly aid to equip Africans with the necessary knowledge and skills required to engage and cash in on the AI field.

The African AI Foundation and the American spaces’ mission is to have Africans take part in defining the direction AI would move in, finding solutions to local and global problems and grow the GDP’s of African countries.

Free online classes will be available every Saturday from July 15th by 5 PM WAT (west Africa time). Physical classes will be taking place at American Corner Ikeja at No 44, Local airport road, Lagos, Nigeria every Wednesday from 3 PM – 5 PM.

The African AI Foundation is a non-profitable NGO created by Oyinlola Israel, an IT executive with 15 years of industry experience. The African AI Foundation empowers Africans to take an active role in AI development, AI based business and human solutions, and attain proficiency in various AI competencies.

Source: Leslie Gakuru/ Techweez