The 3i Africa Summit, a pivotal event advancing Africa’s digital finance agenda, concluded on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at the Accra International Conference Centre. The summit generated significant momentum and engagement among stakeholders in the digital finance sector.

Participants engaged in several sessions, with speakers and discussants addressing more than 60 topics focused on identifying the most effective strategies for driving momentum and achieving progress in digital finance.

The three-day summit saw attendance from three heads of state, ten central bank governors from Africa and beyond, and over 150 CEOs from fintech and financial institutions, investors, and digital technology leaders across the continent.

Key discussion topics included the role of technology in mitigating risks in crucial sectors of Africa’s economy, financing businesses, accelerating trade, universal trusted credentials (UTC), and the intersection of fintech and the creative economy.

Additionally, the summit featured workshops and masterclasses on global money movement, fintech for inclusion, women in tech, agriculture and fintech, smart SMEs, and digital skills development. Throughout the 58 sessions, speakers emphasized the importance of establishing robust digital public infrastructure, streamlining regulatory processes, and enhancing digital connectivity.

Kwame Oppong, Head of the Fintech and Innovation Department at the Bank of Ghana, highlighted that Africa’s youthful population, high mobile penetration, and the ongoing expansion of mobile network infrastructure have created an ideal environment for accelerating the continent’s digitization agenda.

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