Source: Inimfon Asifa/Technext

Three Nigerian women, Winnie Ngaji, Princess Ganobi, and Sharon Uzu have emerged as the top three winners of an app-building competition, ‘Ladies Can Tech’ competition. The competition was sponsored by Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company. It was organised by Harvoxx Tech Hub in partnership with Web Work Tools Limited.

The competition aimed to promote women’s participation in the tech industry and attracted a considerable number of participants. With the win, the women secured the coveted prize of N100,000.

Kehinde Ogundare, Zoho Nigeria’s Country Manager, expressed delight in supporting the Ladies Can Tech event and empowering women in the tech industry. He emphasized Zoho’s commitment to nurturing an inclusive and diverse tech community by supporting aspiring women interested in technology and facilitating the development of tech-enabled businesses. Ogundare further emphasized that the competition served as a testament to the potential of Zoho’s developer apps in solving real-world business challenges.

“We are delighted to have supported the Ladies Can Tech event and empowered women in the tech industry.”Kehinde Ogundare, Zoho Country Manager

“By supporting aspiring women interested in technology and facilitating the development of tech-enabled businesses, Zoho aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse tech community. This competition showcased the potential of Zoho’s developer apps in building solutions for business scenarios,” he said.

Over a three-day orientation program, the participants received comprehensive training on Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow, and Zoho Analytics. The women then showcased their exceptional skills and creativity during the competition.

The participants were tasked with creating an app using Zoho Creator, a user-friendly low-code platform, and integrating it seamlessly with Zoho Flow, an integration platform, and Zoho Analytics, a powerful business intelligence platform. After a rigorous selection process, Zoho announced the winners,

Ms Winnie Ngaji, Princess Ganobi, and Sharon Uzu demonstrated their expertise by successfully building their apps within a one-hour time frame. Their impressive creations were showcased during the final round of the competition, where they stood out among the other participants.

The live event, which took place in Rivers State, Nigeria, on June 24th, marked the culmination of the competition. The winners were awarded N100,000 Zoho Wallet credits, which can be utilized for a Zoho Creator Plus subscription, encompassing Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow, and Zoho Analytics. Additionally, the winners will receive dedicated support from the Zoho team, further enhancing their journey towards success.

Zoho Creator, a cloud-based platform equipped with low-code capabilities, enables users to effortlessly build customized web and mobile applications, even without coding knowledge. Its user-friendly interface offers drag-and-drop functionality and ready-made templates, ensuring a seamless app development experience.  

Zoho is firmly committed to promoting gender inclusiveness and fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities to thrive in the technology industry.

Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in tech, Zoho actively works towards breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce. The company believes that diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and a more vibrant tech community.

To promote gender inclusiveness, Zoho supports various initiatives aimed at empowering women in technology. These initiatives include sponsoring events like the Ladies Can Tech competition, where women are encouraged to showcase their skills and creativity in app-building using Zoho’s developer tools.

Furthermore, Zoho actively engages with women in technology through networking events, user groups, and online communities. By facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration, Zoho ensures that women have the necessary support and opportunities to connect with peers, share experiences, and learn from each other.

What Ladies Can tech event is all about for women

Ladies Can Tech event is a well-structured tech conference to educate, expose, encourage and empower ladies to state and grow their career in tech.  

The Ladies Can Tech event also provides a platform for participants to expand their professional networks, connect with like-minded individuals, and engage in meaningful conversations. Through these interactions, attendees can build relationships, seek mentorship, and collaborate on projects, further enhancing their growth and development in the tech industry.

Source: Inimfon Asifa/Technext